Is your concrete in good condition, but has settled or sunken? If so, Geauga Coatings specializes in leveling and raising of concrete to help you out!

Uneven concrete surfaces create trip hazards and expose property owners to unwanted liability. Raising and Leveling existing concrete that is in good condition typically costs a fraction of the cost to remove and replace it. In addition, this can offer additional benefits such as soil stabilization that replacement does not address. You can maintain the original look of the existing concrete verses having unmatched patched surfaces with new concrete repairs.

The most common source of sunken concrete is uncompacted fill in front of a garage entrance. As mother nature works her magic and water is allowed to get under the slab, soils get washed away and naturally compact over time. This allows the concrete to sink, further compounding the problem and creating voids under the surface. Left neglected, you can have a catastrophic sink hole that causes more damage to your property’s foundation.

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Perfect For:

  • Garage Flooring
  • Pool Decks
  • Driveways
  • Patios
  • Sidewalks
  • Stairs